Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Crunch time

We are getting married in Tennessee! While at first I was not a huge fan of this idea, I've come around to it and I think we will have the most beautiful and fun wedding in TN!!! Best of all, my amazingly talented and crafty mom will be able to help lots with the planning. And, we will have lots of opportunities to do fun wedding-planning things together over the next few months. Fun. Love it.

So, while I was just getting excited about the Tennessee decision and regaining control of my stress-induced teeth grinding--I decided that since A really really wanted to get married in the Fall why not try to pull this wedding off for October??? When I've called vendors and wedding dress shops they're like 'October of THIS YEAR???' Srsly?
Apparently pulling a wedding off in around five months is pretty unusual. It's still TBD on the confirmation of a couple of things, but I am pretty sure it is a possibility, with the help of my amazing mom and friends!

Other than booking all of the vendors and setting the date, my main concern in life is THE DRESS. I have been to five shops so far and I've found a couple of dresses that are really great. This is a huge decision, but I will probably make a choice in the next week, since dresses need to be ordered and shipped like 5 months in advance. Which is now. Crap.
Dress shopping is kind of awesome. I will send you pictures of the frontrunners if you are interested--just dont want to post them because of that random tradition that the groom shouldn't see you in the dress before the wedding. I think this is probably a brilliant rule though because lost of dudes know zero fashion and if it were up to them we'd probably all be wearing some kind of typical princess gown. or that really unflattering white color. ugg.

Hopefully an update tomorrow or Friday about the location and date! So excited!


  1. I would love to see the dresses you're considering! How fun! If there's any help I can offer from MI, let me know ;)

  2. I resent the comment about guys having zero fashion sense! Ugg!